UNESCO Chair Fellow Fr. Alberto Carrara, LC participated in the First International Congress Advances in Clinical Neurosciences and Psychiatry: Brain and Mind in La Habana, Cuba on November 18-20, 2013.

Two hundred and fifty participants from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Cuba, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom and United States gathered for the event in Palco Hotel in La Habana, Cuba.  During the three days congress, 80 papers were presented and discussed under the direction of Professor Giuseppe Bersani (La Sapienza University, Rome) and Professor Pedro Valdés Sosa (Cuban Neuroscience Center, Cuba).
Fr. Carrara was one of the two moderators of the final day’s plenary session dealing with “Bioethical Issues in Psychiatry and Neurosciences,” and also delivered the lecture titled: “Neurobioethics and human person.” Fr. Carrara spoke on the importance of neuroscience research in order to clarify some anthropological concepts and therefore provide a more profound definition of human person. His lecture was organized according to six main points.
1. Introduction to neuro-centrism and neuro-mania

2. Neurobioethics: an historical perspective

3. From Neuroscience to Neurobioethics

4. Transhumanism

5. The Human Person considered from the neuroscience point of view

6. Some conclusions related to the neuro-anthropological vision of human being.