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“Withdrawing critical care from patients in a triage situation” 

Authors: Joseph Tham, Louis Melahn, and Michael Baggot

Publisher: Springer

Year: 2021






“Globalization and vulnerable populations in times of a pandemic: a Mayan perspective”

Author: Claudia Sotomayor and Alejandra Barrero-Castillero

Publisher: BioMed Central Ltd

Year: 2020



“Neuroética. Una guía multifacética”

Author: Mariel Kalkach and José Damián Carrilo

Publisher: Manual Moderno

Year: 2020




“The Global Bioethics of Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights”

Author: Dominique J. Monlezun

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Year: 2020




“Neurophysiological correlates of religious coping to stress: a preliminary T EEG power spectra investigation”

Authors: Claudio Imperatoria, Francesco Saverio Bersani, Chiara Massullo, Giuseppe Alessio Carbone, Ambra Salvati, Giorgia Mazzi, Greta Cicerale, Alberto Carrara, Benedetto Farina.

Journal: Neuroscience Letters, Volume 728

Publisher: ELSEVIER

Year: 2020



“COVID19 – Guía de Bioética y Derechos Humanos durante la Pandemia y Orientación para Casos Críticos”

Author: Agustín Antonio Herrera Fragoso

Publisher: Fundación Conciencia Nacional por la Libertad Religiosa

Year: 2020

Link: COVID Guía de bioética y derechos humanos




“Guida Bioetica per Terrestri. Da Fulton Sheen al cybersesso”

Author: Giulia Bovassi 

Publisher: Berica Editrice 

Year: 2020





“Bioetica tra passato e futuro: Da Van Potter alla società 5.0”

Chapter: “Le sfide delle tecnologie emergenti alla luce dei diritti umani per una bioetica globale” – Alberto Garcia and Giulia Bovassi

Chapter: “Le nuove sfide della Bioetica” – Fr. Gonzalo Miranda, LC.

Editors: Enrico Larghero and Mariella Lombardi Ricci

Publisher: EFFATA’ Editrice

Year: 2020




“NanoEthics. Studies of New and Emerging Technologies”

Article: “Altered Mortality: Why the Quest for Immortality is Regaining Visibility in the Media”

Author: Mirko Daniel Garasic

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

Year: 2019





“Good Health, Quality Education, Sustainable Communities, Human Rights”

Editors: Josep-Eladi Baños,Carlo Orefice, Francesca Bianchi, Stefano Costantini

Article: Dilemmas of Informed Consent Process in Clinical Research from a Multireligious Perspective – 

Alberto García Gómez, Mirko Daniel Garasic

Publisher: Firenze University Press

Year: 2019





“El embrión humano Una defensa desde la Antropología, la Bioética, la Biología del Desarrollo y los Derechos Humanos”

Authors: Manuel Ramos Kuri Agustín Herrera Fragoso Manuel J. Santos

Chapter XVIII: La clonación a la luz de los derechos humanos –  Alberto García Gómez

Publisher: Tirant México

Year: 2019







“Conception. An Icon of the Beginning

Editor: Francis Etheredge

Article: “Only a god can save us”, “The ‘beautiful icons of creation’, Appealing to the ‘power of imagery’ ” – Fr. Joseph Tham, LC

Article: “The Need for an Adequate Anthropology”, “Parents Enter into a Unique Participation in the Creative power and Providential Care of the Lord of all History”, “The Church’s Inexhaustibly Rich Patrimony of Teaching on God’s Plan for Marriage and the Family” – Fr. Michael Baggot, LC

Publisher: Enroute

Year: 2019



“Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Volume 10: Interreligious Dialogue. From Religion to Geopolitics

Editors: Giuseppe Giordan and Andrew P. Lynch

Chapter 16 – The Cube of Love Experience at School: Fostering Peaceful Societies Through a Pedagogy of Dialogue, pp. 292-312 (Alberto Garcia, Marianna Pavan) 

Publisher: Brill

Year: 2019




“iCONSENT: Improving the Guidelines for Informed Consent, Including Vulnerable Populations, Under a Gender Perspective  

Editor: Laura Palazzani

Chapter 7 – Interreligious and cross-cultural perspectives on informed consent in the light of human rights and mental privacy

Alberto Garcia, Mirko Daniel Garasic

Publisher: Biolaw Journal – Univeristy of Trento

Year: Special Issue 1/2019




“Evil, Terrorism and Psychiatry

Editors: Donatella Marazziti and Stephen M. Stahl,

Chapter 7 – Religion, Violence, and the Brain: a Neuroethical Perspective, pp. 68-77 (Alberto Carrara) 

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Year: 2019




  “ Human rights, free will and neuroethics. Biojuridical challenges of emerging biotechnologies”

Authors: Alberto Garcia, José Carlos Abellán

Publisher: Medicina y Ética

Year: Vol. 30 Núm. 3 (2019)




“ Informed Consent in Clinical research: Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Perspectives  

Editors: Alberto Garcia, Mirko Garasic

Publisher: Studia Bioethica

Year: 2019

Link: Riviste UPRA 



“ Ethical issues concerning informed consent in translational /
clinical research and vaccination bias and informed consent 

Authors: Alberto Garcia, Mirko Garasic, Maria Cubillo

Publisher: Medicina y Ética

Year: Vol. 30 Núm. 2 (2019)



“Objeción de Conciencia Sanitaria

Author: Augustín Antonio Herrera Fragoso

Publisher: Editores de Textos Mexicanos

Year: 2019





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