On April 19, 2013, UNESCO Fellow Fr. Joseph Tham attended the TEDx ViaDellaConcilliazione event on Relgious Freedom Today.  Among the many interesting speakers who presented their ideas, there were sessions on “Networks of Common Ground,” “Forgiveness and Reconciliation,” and “Living Together.”  All these sessions are very much related to the project of the UNESCO Chair on Multiculturalism, Bioethics and Religion.

There was also a session on Beauty which addresses the role of the asthetic dimension in today’s world of images.  This is very consonant with the Bioethics Art project of the Chair.

We would like to present one of the speakers, Brian Grim from the Pew Research Centre’s Forum on Rleigion and Public Life in Washington DC, who gave an excellent presentation on religious freedom in the world and especially in the Islamic countries.http://youtu.be/cQvDUTOOkiI