South-South Cooperation and the Encyclical Laudato si ‘: the case of Costa Rica

Pablo J. Innecken Z.

Diciembre, 2018.

For Costa Rica, the modalities of South-South and Triangular cooperation promote a horizontal and equitable exchange, taking advantage of the partner countries and with a multiplying effect that allows greater impact on development. These assistance and exchange mechanisms, also called solidarity cooperation, involve local communities and enterprises in Costa Rica, in sectors such as community rural tourism or the treatment of drinking water in rural aqueducts.

In the Encyclical Laudato si ‘, Pope Francis demonstrates the importance of international cooperation to care for the ecosystem of the whole earth, the obligation on the part of the polluter to take charge economically of it, the duty to evaluate the environmental impact of any work or project, citing the Stockholm Declaration (1972) and other instruments such as the Basel Convention on hazardous waste.

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