By Fr. Michael Baggot, LC

Our Chair Fellow Prof. Joseph Tham published the article “Crises of Faith and Reason in the Debates on Gender: Comments on ‘Male and Female he created them’ by the Congregation for Catholic Education” in the academic journal Educatio Catholica volume VI issue 4The document can be read at

Educatio Catholica is the institutional journal of the Congregation for Catholic Education which since January 2015 has taken the place of Seminarium, published from 1948 to 2014 and still available in the back issues regarding the main themes of the Cogregation.

The journal publishes – on a quarterly basis and in a renewed graphic format – the themes closely connected to the competences of the Congregation, therefore dealing in depth and in a competent manner with both: education in a general sense and in in a closer matter school, professional and university education.