The Hastings Center has prepared this resource to help the nation stop the spread of the pandemic and we invite you to share it widely with patients and the general public through any dissemination channels available to you. This compelling animation underscores the four simple steps, needed to curb the coronavirus and restore the economy. We can “Stop the Spread.” the SpreadWhen an infectious disease reaches crisis proportions, how can a country return to daily life and restore its economy?

These steps include:

1.    Widespread use of masks to prevent disease transmission;

2.    Widely available testing with quickly reported results;

3.    Large-scale contact tracing to determine who is infected, or may become infected; and

4.    Voluntary targeted isolation by those who test positive for, or who have been exposed to, the virus.

Without effective masking, testing, tracing, and isolation, the country’s attempts to reopen will be disrupted. Stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus—and avoiding a general lockdown—depends on these important measures.

Stop the Spread! Spread the campaign!

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