Our research scholars Mariel Kalkach Aparicio and Elizabeth de los Ríos Uriarte not only have worked together with an interdisciplinary working group, on a practical guide with 7 steps that are recommendations for health personnel faced with making ethically difficult decisions during COVID19 in Spanish, but they also elaborated “ADD Know-Ledge to your making decision” which is a “Practical Guideline 4 Ethical Clinical Decision-Making in Scenarios with Scarce Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic.”


In line with the efforts of international organizations that admonish countries and individuals to protect and accompany healthcare providers during this pandemic (5,6), the purpose of this guideline is to provide healthcare workers responding to the pandemic with an ethical framework for decision-making. Here we propose a list of ten recommendations divided in association to four words (Ask, Do, Don’t, Know) to help their memorization. We hope these help healthcare professionals navigate moral dilemmas and make informed decisions that benefit the patient and society while protecting themselves from unnecessary burden.

Source: ADDKNOW-ledge