On February 19th, UNESCO Chair Director, Prof. Alberto Garcia, as a member of Honorary Committee of the Marianna Foundation, participated in the presentation of the XXI edition 2019 of the Carta Artistica Universale (Universal Artistic Paper).

What Marianna Foundation is?

Pinuccia Pitti

Pinuccia Pitti, the founder, is a painter and poetess who is aware of the painful humanity and of the sacredness and beauty of every human being,. She felt the duty to create the Marianna Foundation to disseminate and promote respect for the fundamental rights of women and of man, using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) as a reference point. Cultura dell’ amore dall’Europa a Tutti i Popoli della Terra: (Culture of Love from Europe to All the People of the Earth), which  is the central program of the foundation. From this project comes “The Universal Artistic Paper”, an editorial tool that brings Human Rights to the attention of the world. Published each year, every edition deals with a different topic. To disseminate the idea of Human Rights, the “Carta Artistica Universale” uses a pictorial work, a poem by Pinuccia Pitti and a commentary by an authoritative personality, this year, Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director – General for Education, UNESCO, related to the topic of the year and is officially presented during a prestigious evening with important speakers. In the same context, the Foundation gives out different awards which include: The “Intercultura” prize awarded to two students of different nationalities for a paper on the theme of the year; The “A Life for Love” award to a person who has distinguished himself for dedication and humanity.

the XXI edition 2019 of the Carta Artistica Universale (Universal Artistic Paper)

Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director – General for Education, UNESCO, wrote the main massage of the Carta Artistica Universale emphasizing the importance of the UNESCO role in promoting “values of solidarity, social justice, global citizenship and environmental awareness” through art education. Moreover, she added that “advancing these values through the arts is a powerful way to build more inclusive and just societies and to strengthen peace.”

UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights is committed to raise awareness of human rights through Global Art and the International Research Group & International Network of Bioethics and Aesthetics that is part of the Bioethics Art Group of Study. Through this project, the chair wants to study the relation and interaction between bioethics, art, and the impact of art in human behavior; evaluate the impact of the transformative power of arts in research and medical ethics as well as in environmental ethics; and to bridge the gap between academics involved working in bioethics and the art world by carrying research activities and publications.