UNESCO Chair Director Alberto Garcia recently participated at an annual gathering of the Fondazione Marianna, an organization devoted to the artistic works that promote human rights. Garcia functions as a member of the organization’s Advisory Board. The foundation shares the Chair’s unique commitment to Bioethics and Art, as particularly expressed in its various Global Art Competitions.

The following address from art critic and Italian journalist Luigi Tallarico explains the mission of the Fondazione Marianna and its founder Pinuccia Pitti:


Pinuccia Pitti, artist and humanitarian worker, has dedicated herself prodigiously for decades through personal testimony to the dissemination and the protection of human rights in all of their institutional, moral and social aspects. She has utilized the world of communications and her work in order to draw the attention and interest of large sectors of public opinion.

In fact, the Foundation relies on the circulation of a monthly calendar that Pitti herself illustrated, to stimulate, through aesthetic enjoyment, knowledge and empathy for the principles sanctioned in the Universal Charter of Art. In line with the precepts of the Universal Declaration, Pinuccia Pitti has placed personal industriousness and the capacity of private associations, considered as valid as are the public and business sector, in the center of everyday cultural life.

The artistic event of the new calendar, sponsored by the Foundation and curated by its founder Pinuccia Pitti, makes use of the balance of symbolic values, represented by the line graphics and pictorial coloring, so that the artistic order agrees with the order of ideas. While the color establishes contact with the atmosphere, resulting in the sensation described by d’Annunzio (“The color is the effort of matter to become light”), the sign expresses what is perennial and gives character to the inalienable values of life.