The Bioethics Art Competition has issued its call to artists for the 2015 competition on the theme “Express the Gift of Healing: Body, Mind & Spirit.” The competition’s official page features extensive information regarding submission requirements and on past competitions.

The UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights seeks to promote those universal values inherent in all cultures regarding goodness, truth and beauty; to ensure the effective protection of human dignity and fundamental rights; and to stimulate greater interest, social sensitivity, compassion, and discussion of life science, bioethics and human rights.

An artist inspires the contemplation of goodness, truth and beauty in the viewer through a visual creation. Although artists come from diverse backgrounds, it is important to stress the convergence of the way we come together to be one. Art fosters convergence. Therefore, the Chair offers the following encouragement to artists to contribute works of fine art or photography that can foster the art of convergence in global bioethics:

We invite you to explore what is good and bad, to personally discover the truth about humanity, to recognize the inherent dignity of the vulnerable, and to capture the beauty of good behavior. We invite you to create art that deepens appreciation of human life—where Art and Bioethics meet. This is our challenge to you, Artists of the Globe.

In November 2014, UNESCO Chair partner the Anáhuac University hosted the 2011 and 2013 Bioethics Art Competition Winning Pieces in Mexico City. A catalogue of the winning pieces can be found online for the 2011 competition and the 2013 competition. A catalogue for the 2015 competition will also be published.