The Neuroscience Research Group Anáhuac, known by their members as GENA, has worked for over three years to explore the problems of the mind and brain with scientific rigor. The study group meets at the UNESCO Chair of Bioethics and Human Rights partner university la Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico City. The group has already addressed the following issues: “Neural Systems Affected in Schizophrenia,” “Neural Circuits Involved in Parkinson’s Disease,” “Neuropathic Pain and Neurological Bases” and “MRI for Pain Control.”

The group was inspired by the experience of attending the 2012 Regina Apostolorum Bioethics Summer Course “Neurobioethics: The Person in the Center of Neuroscience, Ethics, Law and Society.” The Anáhuac group has extended their Rome experience of neuroscientific reflection over the course of more than 50 meetings in Mexico City.

Professors of Psychology Rosa López Fernández and Margarita García Nicolín guide the group composed of the following students of Psychology: Manuel Alvarez and Mariana Mendoza Velazquez de Leon Calvillo (both 8th semester), and of the following students of the Master of Medical Sciences: Miriam Areli Gonzalez Aparicio, Stella Lilian Levy and Citlalli Zenith Jessurun Vega Davila.

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Dr. Damian Carrillo Ruiz

School of Psychology