The COEBIO (Council for the Recognition of Bioethically Responsible Businesses) awarded UNESCO Chair Director Dr. Alberto García with a prize for his work in the field of bioethics in a March 27 day in honor of various Mexican business characterized by bioethical responsibility held in Mexico City.  Upon accepting the award, García delivered a brief talk on “The importance of being a bioethically responsible business.”

“The value of a bioethically responsible business is measured by its contribution to the common good and not only in its balance sheet and income statement,” noted García in his talk.

The ceremony recognized the commitment to respect life, dignity, moral values, health and the environment in the following organizations:. Refrigeración Ojeda, Hospital de la Mujer Médica Sur Lomas, Grupo Zapata, Red Queen Technology, Comedor Santamaría, Metro Producciones, Laboratorio Clínico Biomédica de Referencia y el Instituto Las Águilas.  The business Citelum México is also in the process of being recognized for a similar comitment to bioethical responsibility.

“Our mission is to empower businesses to implement a bioethical culture among its employees, as well as to support companies in restructuring their code of ethics”, explained Lorena Malpica, General Director and  founding partner of COEBIO.

“This entrepreneurial attitude or virtue that cares and is concerned with bioethics does not diminish, but rather increases the sensitivity and identification of employees with the business’s mission.  It also stimulates job security and productivity by providing greater awareness of the social value of  the fruit of one’s labor, increases one’s interest in training to provide better services, creates or promotes more harmonious relations that are more open to collaboration,” explained García.

COEBIO seeks to promote these noble ideas by training companies and institutions through courses that enable them to live bioethical values ​​in their daily activity.  The courses are taught by a team of specialists in bioethics (doctors, lawyers, philosophers) that offer an interdisciplinary approach.  A council of experts also assures that the business accords with high standards in their code of ethics.

“Bioethics is applied in all business sectors because the person is the center in all these areas.  It is about transforming a business by transforming the people of whom it consists,” added Malpica.

“Therefore, bioethics in a business is not an expense, but rather an income,” concluded García.

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