The Italian journal 21mo Secolo , in collaboration with the Master in Science and Faith of Regina Apostolorum university, published the 10th special issue ofScience and Faithdedicated to Neurobioethics, with contributions from some of the members of Neurobioethics group.

Contributors to this issue include: Alberto Carrara, Riccardo Carrara , Paola Ciadamidaro, Marco Forghieri, Alberto García, Adriana Gini, Steven Laureys, Maria Addolorata Mangione, Zamira Veronika Montiel Boehringer, Michael Pope, Rafael Pascual, Eleanor Picerni, Maria Luisa Clean, Andrea Soddu, and Mario Stanziano.

We read from the editorial that, “This special issue dedicated to Neurobioethics is the result of personal, original, and mature teamwork where each of the authors–members of the group for study and research on Neurobioethics–participated with his or her own expertise, experience, specialty, dedication and endless passion!”

Index of articles published in this number:

  • Adriana Gini, Rafael Pascual, and Alberto García, A challenge from Neurobioetica the person and his brain at the center of the disciplines, p. 2
  • Maria Addororata Mangione, Methodological requirements of Neurobioethics: some reflections, p. 5
  • Marco Forghieri, The influence of neuroscience in contemporary society: some pros and cons, p. 11
  • Alberto Carrara and Riccardo Carrara, Michael S. Gazzaniga: neuro-anthropologist of contemporary cognitive neuroscience, p. 16
  • Zamira Veronika Montiel Boehringer, Consciousness and neuroscience: scientific or philosophical dualism?, p. 23
  • Mario Stanziano, Michael Pope, Steven Laureys, and Andrea Soddu, Tracing the boundaries of consciousness “functionals”: current and potential contributions of neuro imageries, p. 29
  • Paola Ciadamidaro, Empathy and the doctor-patient relationship in the third millennium: therapeutic alliance of Edith Stein, p. 34
  • Maria Luisa Pulita, Identity and drug addiction: the contribution of neuroscience and human sciences, p. 38
  • Eleonora Picerni, The neurobiological correlates of attachment: meeting point between neuroscience and psychology, p. 44