The Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute and the Order of Malta are hosting a free lecture on September 29 with Prof. Alberto García, JD, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights. Prof. García’s will speak on “Bioethics, Multiculturalism and Religion: Fostering the art of convergence and cooperation in global ethics.”

September 29, 7:00 pm

95 St Joseph Street, Room 101

Faculty of Theology

University of St Michael’s College

All are welcome  |  Free

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization was founded on 16 November, 1945. The UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights intends to foster solid scientific preparation and knowledge in bioethics and bio-law that will advance human well-being and solidarity.

The purpose of the project in Bioethics, Multiculturalism and Religion is to create a permanent academic forum that promotes dialogue and bioethical reflection in the light of human rights and duties from different religious perspectives.

One of the four principal activities of the project is encounters of experts at international meetings. This will foster dialogue and exchange of ideas around different religious points of view. It will also provide a statement of points of convergence regarding the most sensitive and current issues in biomedicine, such as neuroethics, mass media, women’s health, etc.


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