“Teleology and World from Different Perspectives: Philosophy of Mind and Transcendental Phenomenology

Editors: Rodolfo Giorgi, Danilo Manca

Article: “Updating the philosophical concept of form (morphé) as the embodied structural and teleological informational program in human beings” (Alberto Carrara, LC.)

Publisher: Humana.Mente Journal of Philosophical Studies

Year: 2018

Link: humanamente.eu


“La bioetica. Crocevia tra fede, ragione e scienza

Author: Joseph Tham and Marie Challita

Publisher: Editori Riuniti

Year: 2018

Link: mondadoristore.it




“Interreligious Perspectives on Mind, Genes and the Self

Editor: Joseph Tham, Chris Durante, Alberto García Gómez

Publisher: Routledge

Year: 2018

Link: routledge.com




“Eutanasia, cuidados paliativos y atención al final de la vida

Editor: Agustin Herrera Fragoso

Prologue written by: Alberto Garcia

Publisher: Editores de Textos Mexicanos

Year: 2018

Link: etmsa.com



“L’homme la société la paix”

Records of the conference of October 3, 2015, Principality of Monaco

Participants: Fr. Gonzalo Miranda and Alberto Garcia

Publisher: Editions de L’Homme Nouveau

Year: 2018

Link: amazon.it



“La coscienza di Ippocrate”

Author: Mirko D. Garasic

Publisher: Luiss Press

Year: 2018

Link: LuissPress.it




“Coscienza e Libertà in Chiave Neurobioetica”

Author: Fr. Alberto Carrara

Editors: Fernando Di Mieri, Daniele D’Agostino

Publisher: Edizioni Ripostes

Year: 2018

Link: Ripostes.it



“Neurodiritto: per una riflessione neurobioetica interdisciplinare”

Editors: Fr. Alberto Carrara; Fr. Michael Baggot …

Publisher: Studia Bioethica

Year: 2018

Link: Riviste UPRA



“Religious Perspectives on Social Responsibility in Health”

Editors: Fr. Joseph Tham, Chris Durante, Alberto García

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Year: 2018

Link: Springer.com



“Sexuality, Gender & Education”

Editors: Giorgia Brambilla, Fr. Joseph Tham

Publisher: IF Press

Year: 2018

Link: Amazon.com


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