Bioethics Global Art

Contemporary culture places a great deal of importance on the input of the senses.  We are constantly bombarded with images, sounds, movements and colors.  The aesthetic experience, as many philosophers noted, is closely related to the ethical experience, since truth and goodness meet in beauty.

globalartTo live meaningfully often means experiencing beauty in body, mind and spirit because love of the beautiful is a quintessential human quality. A person can hardly attain happiness without beauty-sensible, intellectual or religious. A nation cannot function properly without the beauty of religious and national celebrations, parks and playgrounds, art exhibits, musical and literary performances.

Thus, the category of beauty could help the modern world to discover perennial ethical values.  In this light, Bioethics global art encourages a rediscovery of ethical values through a deeper appreciation of all art forms- music, architecture, literature, visual art, performing arts and dramas.

Art can, therefore, promote and increase human dignity and human rights. The arts enable us to reflect on the human condition and on ourselves, provoke a change in moral attitudes and inner transformation.

The project seeks to deepen the relationships between aesthetics and ethics by means of in-depth original research, education and training of artists of these values who will in turn educate the youth to form ethical judgment through the arts.  Other stakeholders behind the stage-critics, directors, screenwriters, gallery owners, investors, etc-will also be involved since the creation of a work of art often many talents.

Events such as music concerts, exhibitions, literature and drama will help launch and disseminate these ideas.

See the official Bioethics Art Competition website.