The UNESCO Chair in collaboration with Universidad Anahuac Mexico, is launching the 3rd edition of the Inter-university and International Master in Bioethics on line, that will start on February 19, 2018.

The program offers training to students interested in the defense of life, the dignity of the person, human rights, human responsibilities and values, the preservation of health and the individual and social well-being. Students should possess a disposition for an interdisciplinary investigation that integrates philosophical, juridical and medical approaches to investigate the main bioethical challenges facing contemporary society and learning capacity to teach bioethics in the future at university level. Moreover, they should possess the capacity to recognize and react to the impact scientific and technological advances have upon society.

Graduates of the Master will be empowered for a wide range of professional services. They will be prepared to form interdisciplinary teams to reach better decisions in their professional field. Graduates will also be equipped to support, assist, and give counsel to both hospital bioethics committees as well as other ethical committees of investigation. They will thus be able to analyze and propose concrete solutions to ethical dilemmas using the methodology of bioethics learned in their online course work.

Prospective students have until February 19, 2018 to submit all requested documents. For more information, please visit the Faculty of Bioethics’s website here.