Bioesthetics Group of Study

In 2013 the Bioesthetics Group of study and the International Network Of Bioethics and Aesthetics was established in Madrid by an agreement signed by the Unesco Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights (Rome, Italy) and the Universidad Militar de Nueva Granada (Bogotà, Colombia) with the purpose of jointly generating scientific outcomes and innovative research, according to projects and work plans, in the medium and long term, in accordance with the areas and lines of research in which the specific object of study of the group is established.


To establish an innovative, interdisciplinary and international network that would work under “Bioethics Global Art” endeavor, bridging art and bioethics.


  • To study the relation and interaction between bioethics and art and the impact of art in human behavior.
  • To evaluate the impact of the transformative power of arts in research and medical ethics as well as in environmental ethics
  • To bridge the gap between academics involved and working in bioethics and the art world by carrying research activities and publications.


 This group of study intends to contribute to:

  • Inspire art lovers to appreciate the universal language of arts expressing moral values, ethical principles in respect of human dignity and human rights in a diverse and globalize world.
  • Evaluate and disseminate the transformative power of arts in bioethics and its influence culture.
  • Stimulate academic communities on the importance and role of arts and its precious contribution in education and training people in bioethics.




  • Promote a higher sensitivity among citizens, from all over the world, contributing to the common good, that is the mission and vocation of political authorities. 


  1. Bioethics: Reflections on its foundation
  2. Bioesthetic and Health
  3. Contributions od the Bioesthetic in the fight against the pandemic