Training Courses

The UNESCO Chair offer academic degrees in bioethics and human rights, promote and conduct interdisciplinary research projects on new questions related to biomedicine and bio-law by becoming a forum of reflection, dialogue and debate.

Neurobioethics and Roboethics – II edition 2018-2019

The interdisciplinary research group in Neurobioetica (GdN) of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum (APRA) in Rome, based upon neuroscientific research and emerging applications to the human being of neuro-technologies, will dedicate much of its reflection, research, publication, and training of the year 2018-2019 to a detailed critical study of the progressive hybridization of humanity and technology.  Read more >>

1st Interdisciplinary Neuroethics Diploma Course

Anáhuac México Norte University and the Bioética Clínica y Neuroética Anáhuac (BINCA) in collaboration  with UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights, Faith and Science Institute, The Interdisciplinary Research Group in Neurobiothics (GdN), and with the support of Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Psychology, and Faculty of Bioethics is launching the1st Interdisciplinary Neuroethics Diploma Course. This course will be available in English and in Spanish . You can take it from any part of the world and attend to the live lectures.   Read more >>

Master in Global Bioethics Online

The UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights in collaboration with The University of Anáhuac (Faculty of Bioethics), the Holy Spirit College, and the Ateneo Regina Apostolorum is launching the NEW Master in Global Bioethics online.   Read more >>

Master in Bioethics Online in Spanish

The UNESCO Chair in collaboration with Universidad Anahuac Mexico, is launching the 3rd edition of the Inter-university and International Master in Bioethics on line, that will start on February 19, 2018. The program offers training to students interested in the defense of life, the dignity of the person, human rights, human responsibilities and values, the preservation of health and the individual and social well-being.  Read more >>

17th SUMMER COURSE IN BIOETHICS. Human Enhancement: Bioethical Challenges of Emerging Technologies

The course is organized by the School of Bioethics with the collaboration of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights established at the Pontifical Regina Apostolorum Athenaeum and with the Università Europea di Roma. Read more >>

Neurobioethics and Transhumanism Masterclass: Neurosciences that Love Human Beings

The Interdisciplinary Research Group in Neurobiothics (GdN) of the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum (APRA) in Rome, starting from neuroscientific research and the emerging applications of neuro-technologies on the human being, will dedicate most of its reflection, research, publication and education of the year 2017-2018 to deepen critically at 360 degrees these topics. Read more >>