Dr. Alberto García Gómez, Director of the UNESCO Chair, offered reflections on the ethical dimension of medical research during the opening ceremony of the OncoGen (Centre for Gene and Cellular Therapies in the Treatment of Cancer).

While in Romania, García signed a “memorandum of understanding” between the UNESCO Chair and the University of Timișoara. García will also continue his work as a member of the Ethical Advisory Board in the European Union funded Reborne project regarding scientific research on the use of adult stem cells.

For more information on the UNESCO Chair’s collaboration with Reborn, see the previous story “Reborne Workshop on Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues.”

A full program of the opening ceremony is found below:


Clinical County Hospital ”Pius Brînzeu” Timișoara

23 October 2015




10:30-10:45Ribbon cutting ceremony

SCJUT Directors, Officials, Project managers



Official opening of the Center – official addresses

1.         Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Virgil Paunescu

2.         Presidential Administration: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diana Loreta Paun

3.         Ministry of Health: State Secretary Vulcănescu Răzvan Teohari

4.         European Parliament: MEP Ing. Maria Grapini

5.         National Authority for Scientific Research: Ec. Sanda Hilgen

6.         OncoGen Scientific Board: Prof. Dr. Torsten Tonn

7.         University of Medicine and Pharamacy Victor Babes Timisoara: Rector, Prof. Dr. Marius Raica

8.         Prefecture: Ec. Eugen Dogariu

9.         County Council: Titu Bojin

10.        Timisoara Mayor: Prof. Dr. Nicolae Robu

11.        West Regional Development Agency: Raluca Cibu Buzac

12.        County Hospital Director: Prof. Dr. Marius Craina

11:30-12:30Visit of the OncoGen Centre
12:30-13:00Press Conference

OncoGen Conference Room

12:30-13:30Lunch break
13:30-16:30Round table OncoGen towards Horizon 2020

OncoGen Conference Room

 13:30-15:00European research priorities in advanced therapies
 Advanced therapies within Europe

Dr. Paula Salmikangas, Chair of the Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT) at European Medicines Agency (EMA), London, UK

 Romanian vision for supporting the development of Advanced Therapies

Dr. Simona Badoi, ANM, Romanian CAT representative

 Building bridges in Translational Medicine, EATRIS experience

Dr. Giovanni Migliaccio, the Scientific Director of EATRIS (European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

 New trends in cell based therapies of cancer

Prof. Dr. Torsten Tonn, Director of the Institute for Transfusion Medicine, North-East Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden, Germany, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board UMF Victor Babes Timisoara

 PACT Vienna support for regenerative medicine

Prof. Dr. Michael Comer, Chairman PACT (Platform for Advanced Cellular Therapies), Vienna, Austria

 15:00-15:20Coffee break
 15:20-16:30The interdisciplinary approach in research
 Horizon 2020 strategy addressing Personalised Medicine

Prof. Dr. Carmen Panaitescu, University of Medicine and Pharamacy Victor Babes Timisoara

 OncoGen strategy for excellence in research

Prof. Dr. Virgil Paunescu, OncoGen Project Manager

 Ethics dimension of medical research

Prof. Dr. Alberto García Gómez, UNESCO (Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights), Rome, Italy

 Concluding remarks